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Master causes and effects, therefore preventing risk turning into danger.

Become skilled in the professional assessment of your company’s risk and be able to act accordingly to ensure the safety of employees and valuables.




A risk framework that suits you.

Security doesn't need to be expensive.

Risk expertise provision without the need to hire.


Never place too much at risk

Misunderstanding your risk landscape or not having an action plan in place for emergency can come at a high price:


​People and property are knowingly endangered

Non optimised processes could incur incalculable costs

Action plans not available in the event of loss

Get one step ahead of any risk. Trust a proven Risk Management Partner who can start off the process with the right questions. This can prevent you and your company from incurring any unnecessary losses and save significant costs at a later point.


Take control now

Identify the weak points in your business or private life

You should know how you are potentially at risk so that you can decide how to navigate, mitigate or accept it.

Prepare yourself for possible events

Once you are aware of what might happen, you can take action. Being prepared is half the battle.

Bring security expertise in-house

Security is a broad field that requires much analytical thinking and experience.

Do you have that all in-house? Trust an experienced Risk Management Partner to bridge the gap.


Cash and Banknotes

Are you in the cash handling or retail business sector? Know how to keep cash safe.


Precious Metals
From the mine to the shop window, protect precious metals during transportation, storage and in everyday life.

Artworks and cultural assets require special care, top quality exhibition and packaging skills, and expert transportation and storage.

Protect your valuables

Customers worldwide trust us to manage the risk that exists in high value areas such as cash and banknote processing, precious metals logistics and art logistics. Whether you are a gallery, a bank, a museum, or a family office we know from experience where weaknesses can lie in your value chain.

3 easy steps to ensure loss prevention



We analyse your procedures, infrastructure and the way your employees work. We will locate any potential security gaps.



We document results comprehensively and systematically. We provide a professional document history for your management.



We create reasonable guidelines and pragmatic homework for you. We guide you every step of the way during implementation.

Florian Pfister interval.jpg

Everyone can smartly prevent losses

Small and medium sized enterprises in particular can struggle to realistically assess their risk landscape. We guide them through this process and create a feasible list of actions to protect against potential losses.

Interval provides risk-assessment and sustainable risk-management services for museums, the cash logistics industry, the bullion & jewellery trades and their insurers. Professional and efficient service is guaranteed at all times and fairly priced. 

Our technical expertise and good reputation are recognised on the insurance markets in London and Europe. We fully appreciate the need for a swift response and we work in partnership with our clients and their clients across continents. 

Florian Pfister, Founder of interval

Partner of all major underwriting syndicates of Lloyds


Head-Office in Switzerland 

Represented in Great Britain and COMING SOON: Germany

Operative on all continents

Founded in 2006

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